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30 Half-Hours of Outrageous Laughs from Comedy’s Greatest Era!

Over 400 clips on 10 DVDs showcasing the funniest work of 75 screen clowns who forever shaped the art of movie comedy.

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3 Funnymen

Showcasing breezy Charley Chase, acrobatic Lupino Lane, and sourpuss Lloyd Hamilton. Clips include PAPAS BOY, FANDANGO, INNOCENT HUSBANDS, HOOKED, THE STAR BOARDER, NOTHING MATTERS, ROAMING ROMEO, MIGHTY LIKE A MOOSE, BREEZING ALONG and BE MY KING.

The Fun Factory
Legendary King of Comedy Mack Sennett and his ensemble of gifted comic jesters. Featuring Billy Bevan, The Keystone Cops, Mabel Normand, Ford Sterling, Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle, Harry Gribbon, Ben Turpin, Harry Langdon and Alice Day. Clips include DANGEROUS CURVES BEHIND, WALL STREET BLUES, HIS TORPEDOED LOVE, THE WATER NYMPH, A MUDDY ROMANCE, HIS TRYSTING PLACE, MISS FATTY’S SEASIDE LOVERS, FATTY AND MABEL ADRIFT, THE WAITERS BALL, THE HALFBACK OF NOTRE DAME, YUKON JAKE, HIS MARRIAGE WOW, WANDERING WILLIES, SPANKING BREEZES and ICE COLD COCOS.

Great Gags
The wildest laughs and most eccentric gags from the craziest years of slapstick. Extreme merriment! Featuring Bobby Vernon, Mabel Normand, Billy Bevan, Harold Lloyd, Gaylord Lloyd, Billy Dooley, Buster Keaton, Cliff Bowes, Monty Banks, and Snub Pollard. Clips include SAPPY SERVICE, THE EXTRA GIRL, IRON NAG, BUMPING INTO BROADWAY, TROLLEY TROUBLE, EASY CURVES, DAYDREAMS, OUTBOUND, PLAY SAFE and THE MOVIES.

The Comedy Chase
Madcap chases that will leave you breathless! Featuring The Keystone Cops, Buster Keaton, Larry Semon, Harold Lloyd, Billy Bevan, Chester Conklin and Little Moritz. Clips include THE BATH-CHAIR MAN, WANDERING WILLIES, THE CANNONBALL, NUMBER PLEASE, CIRCUS TODAY, THE GOAT and THE SHOW.

Hal Roach Studios
The man who developed a sophisticated comic method alongside the madness. Featuring Charley Chase, Our Gang, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Paul Parrott, Will Rogers, Sunshine Sammy Morrison, Snub Pollard and Harold Lloyd. Clips include ASK FATHER, IT’S A GIFT, NUMBER PLEASE, EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF, DON’T PARK THERE, COLLARS AND CUFFS, PASTE AND PAPER, BE YOUR AGE and BAD BOY.

Help Wanted
Good help is impossible with these clowns! Featuring A Ton of Fun, Stan Laurel, Harry Langdon, Billy Bevan, Ben Turpin, Charlie Chaplin, Sydney Chaplin, Harry Gribbon and Lloyd Hamilton. Clips include OLD TIN SIDES, KILL OR CURE, SMILE PLEASE, CIRCUS TODAY, ICE COLD COCOS, ASLEEP AT THE SWITCH, THE FLOORWALKER, A SUBMARINE PIRATE, THE HALFBACK OF NOTRE DAME and SOMEBODY’S FAULT.

Al Christie Studios
Another influential major comedy studio ranking behind Sennett and Roach, with greater emphasis on wacky, situational humor. Featuring Bobby Vernon, Neil Burns, Jimmy Adams, Billy Dooley, and Jack Duffy. Clips include TEDDY AT THE THROTTLE, AIR TIGHT, THE DAFFY DILL, BEAUTY ALA MUD, CAMPUS CUTIES and CHICKEN FEATHERS.

Larry Semon
At one time this wildly eccentric comic ranked only behind Charlie Chaplin in popularity. Also featuring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Clips include THE GROCERY CLERK, RAUDS AND FRENZIES, GOLF and THE CLOUDHOPPER.

Supporting Comics
The top second bananas of the era! Featuring Eric Campbell, Bud Duncan, Wallace Lupino, George Rowe, Bud Jamison, Snub Pollard, Joe Roberts, Vernon Dent and Al St. John. Clips include THE CURE, THE STAR BOARDER, HELLO SAILOR, POST NO BILLS, DON’T SHOVE, THICK AND THIN, NEIGHBORS, THE BEST MAN and THE WAITERS BALL.

Educational Pictures
This oddly named company was a major producer of silent comedies. Featuring Cliff Bowes, Louise Fazenda, Clyde Cook, Al St. John, Lupino Lane, Wallace Lupino, Jimmy Adams and Lloyd Hamilton. Clips include SERVED HOT, DIZZY DAISY, MISFIT, FATTY AND MABLE ADRIFT, STUPID BUT BRAVE, FANDANGO, SEA SCAMPS, MEET THE FOLKS And CAREFUL PLEASE.

Charley Chase
One of the most talented and versatile clowns of the era. Also featuring Charlie Chaplin, Chester Conklin, Billy West, Snub Pollard, Our Gang and Paul Parrott. Clips include BIG RED RIDING HOOD, THE CARETAKER’S DAUGHTER, DOUGH AND DYNAMITE, LOVE LOOT AND CRASH, THE CANNON BALL, PLAYMATES, BLOW ‘EM UP, DOGS OF WAR, THE FRAIDY CAT and POST NO BILLS.

Vaudeville Greats
Many of the comedy greats had their beginnings on the stage. Featuring Lupino Lane, Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel, W.C. Fields, Will Rogers, Bert Williams, Harry Langdon and Buster Keaton. Clips include BE MY KING, THE RINK, DR. PYCKLE AND MR. PRIDE, SALLY OF THE SAWDUST, THE ROPIN’ FOOL, NATURAL BORN GAMBLER, SATURDAY AFTERNOON and COPS.

Here are superb comedies from the other funshops in town. Featuring Jack Cooper, Larry Semon, Charlie Chaplin, Johnny Arthur and Lige Conley. Clips include LONESOME BABIES, THE SAWMILL, OH WHAT A MAN, THE CLOUDHOPPER, THE ADVENTURER, DANGER AHEAD, OPEN HOUSE and AIR POCKETS.

Buster Keaton
Profiling The Great Stoneface and friends. Also featuring Fatty Arbuckle. Clips include THE GOAT, NEIGHBORS, THE BUTCHER BOY, THE BALLOONATIC and THE PALEFACE.

Dynamite Teams
Silent Comedy’s craziest duos and trios! Featuring Lupino Lane and Wallace Lupino, Snub Pollard and Marvin Loback, A Ton of Fun, Oliver Hardy and Bobby Ray, Fatty Arbuckle and Charlie Chaplin, and Billy Bevan and Andy Clyde. Clips include HELLO SAILOR, DEAR OL’ PAL, THREE MISSING LINKS, STICK AROUND, THICK AND THIN, THE ROUNDERS and WHISPERING WHISKERS.

More Funshops
Profiling the smaller, independent studios. Featuring Poodles Hanneford, Carter deHaven, Billy West, Max Linder and Billy Franey. Clips include HELP WANTED, CHRISTMASTIME, HIS DAY OUT, MAX AND THE QUINQUINA, THE WATER PLUG and HEAVY LOVE.

Great Gags 3
Great gags from Comedy’s Greatest Era! Featuring Bobby Vernon, Buster Keaton, Slim Summerville, Snub Pollard, Poodles Hanneford, Charley Chase, Jack Duffy and Clem Beauchamp. Clips include SHORT SOCKS, THE GOAT, A HORSE ON BARNEY, IT’S A GIFT, HELP WANTED, ACCIDENTAL ACCIDENTS, WIRELESS LIZZY and HOT LIGHTNING.

Thrill Comedians
These funnymen risked their lives for laughs. Featuring Al St. John, Fatty Arbuckle, Buster Keaton, Monty Banks, Harold LLoyd, Lupino Lane and Larry Semon. Clips include SPECIAL DELIVERY, THE BUTCHER BOY, THE PALEFACE, PAY OR MOVE, PLAY SAFE, ASK FATHER, HIS PRIVATE LIFE and THE GROCERY CLERK.

Keystone Studios
America’s first comedy studio. Featuring Ben Turpin, Bobby Vernon, Raymond Griffith, Fatty Arbuckle, Ford Sterling, Charlie Chaplin, Mack Swain, Mabel Normand, The Keystone Cops and Chester Conklin. Clips include A CLEVER DUMMY, TEDDY AT THE THROTTLE, A SCOUNDREL’S TOLL, TANGO TANGLES, MABEL’S MARRIED LI00FE, LOVE LOOT AND CRASH, THE WAITERS BALL and DO-RE-MI-BOOM!

Great Gags 2
The tradition of superb visual humor continues! Featuring Billy Dooley, Snub Pollard, Stan Laurel, Harold LLoyd, Charlie Chaplin, Clyde Cook, Buster Keaton and Lige Conley. Clips include DIZZY SIGHTS, LATE LODGER, SHORT ORDERS, GET OUT AND GET UNDER, THE CHAMPION, MISFIT, BUSTER’S SKYROCKET and THE BATTLING KANGAROO.

Family Fun
From housework to kids to vacations, the family situation was a great setting for tumultuous slapstick. Featuring Mark Jones, Our Gang, Big Boy, Joe Rock, Neil Burns and The Smith Family. Clips include FAMILY LIFE, EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF, SEA SCAMPS, IT’S A BEAR, MISTER WIFE and SMITH’S CANDY STORE.

Surreal Comedy
The best of the dreamlike and bizarre. Featuring Buster Keaton, Billy Bletcher, Bobby Duncan and many more! Clips include THE BALLOONATIC, A TRIP TO THE MOON, DREAM OF A RAREBIT FIEND, THE THIEVING HAND, FRESH LOBSTER, THE BATH-CHAIR MAN, SLIPPERY JIM, DANGEROUS CURVES BEHIND and HOT FOOT.

Charlie Chaplin
The Little Tramp at his rowdiest. Also featuring Max Linder, Chester Conklin and Fatty Arbuckle. Clips include THE IMMIGRANT, MAX LEARNS TO SKATE, DOUGH AND DYNAMITE, THE ROUNDERS and THE CHAMPION.

Getting the Girl
Funnymen in love! Featuring Bobby Vernon, Charley Chase, Dorothy DeVore, Lloyd Hamilton, Monty Banks, Harold Lloyd, Snub Pollard, Harry Langdon, Charlie Chaplin and Mabel Normand. Clips include HOOT MON, BE YOUR AGE, GETTING GERTIE’S GOAT, HOOKED, PAY OR MOVE, BUMPING INTO BROADWAY, OWN YOUR OWN HOME, THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS and HIS TRYSTING PLACE.

Our Gang
A long-running kids favorite! Also featuring Harold Lloyd, Oliver Hardy and Charley Chase. Clips include THE SUN DOWN LIMITED, GET OUT AND GET UNDER, DOGS OF WAR, THE FRAIDY CAT and THUNDERING FLEAS.

Comedy Directors
Gifted comedy craftsmen behind the camera. Featuring Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle, Charley Chase, Leo McCarey, Hal Roach, Del Lord, Max Linder, Larry Semon and Buster Keaton. Clips include THE ADVENTURER, THE BUTCHER BOY, SITTING PRETTY, GET OUT AND GET UNDER, BLOW ‘EM UP, IRON NAG, MAX AND THE STATUE, GOLF and THE GOAT.

Hollywood Spoofs
Nothing is sacred with these clowns! Featuring Charlie Chaplin, Will Rogers, Ben Turpin, Our Gang, Mack Swain and Lupino Lane. Clips include THE MASQUERADOR, BIG MOMENTS FROM LITTLE PICTURES, THE DAREDEVIL, DOGS OF WAR, A MOVIE STAR and ROAMING ROMEO.

Stan and Ollie: Behind ‘The Boys’
The early, solo comedies of the world’s greatest comedy team. Also featuring Billy West, Larry Semon, Mark Jones, Bobby Ray, James Finlayson, Charley Chase and Clyde Cook. Clips include THE BATTLE ROYAL, THE HOBO, HUSTLING FOR HEALTH, THE LUCKY DOG, THE SAWMILL, COLLARS AND CUFFS, STICK AROUND, SMITHY, MARRIED TO ORDER, BE YOUR AGE, THE SLEUTH, DR. PYCKLE AND DR. PRIDE and WANDERING PAPAS.

Battling Clowns
From the battlefront to the homefront, knockabout humor at its finest. Featuring A Ton of Fun, Harry Langdon, Billy Bevan, Harold Lloyd, Clyde Cook, Lloyd Hamilton and Larry Semon. Clips include HEAVY PARADE, ALL NIGHT LONG, GIDDAP, NUMBER PLEASE, STARVATION BLUES, CAREFUL PLEASE and HORSESHOES.

Memorable female comics and their inspired antics. Featuring Mabel Normand, Louise Fazenda, Dorothy DeVore, Colleen Moore, Gale Henry, Miss Fatty, Anita Garvin, Martha Sleeper and Madeline Hurlock. Clips include THE WATER NYMPH, FATTY MABEL AND THE LAW, GENTLEMEN OF NERVE, WHAT HAPPENED TO ROSA, DIZZY DAISY, HOLD YOUR BREATH, ELLA CINDERS, HIS WOODEN WEDDING, MISS FATTY’S SEASIDE LOVERS, FANDANGO, BAD BOY and CIRCUS TODAY.

Approximate Running Time: 15 Hours