SlapHappy: Volume 9


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A long-running kids favorite! Also featuring Harold Lloyd, Oliver Hardy and Charley Chase. Clips include THE SUN DOWN LIMITED, GET OUT AND GET UNDER, DOGS OF WAR, THE FRAIDY CAT and THUNDERING FLEAS.



Gifted comedy craftsmen behind the camera. Featuring Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle, Charley Chase, Leo McCarey, Hal Roach, Del Lord, Max Linder, Larry Semon and Buster Keaton. Clips include THE ADVENTURER, THE BUTCHER BOY, SITTING PRETTY, GET OUT AND GET UNDER, BLOW ‘EM UP, IRON NAG, MAX AND THE STATUE, GOLF and THE GOAT.



Nothing is sacred with these clowns! Featuring Charlie Chaplin, Will Rogers, Ben Turpin, Our Gang, Mack Swain and Lupino Lane. Clips include THE MASQUERADOR, BIG MOMENTS FROM LITTLE PICTURES, THE DAREDEVIL, DOGS OF WAR, A MOVIE STAR and ROAMING ROMEO.


Approximate Running Time: 90 minutes