SlapHappy: Volume 7


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America’s first comedy studio. Featuring Ben Turpin, Bobby Vernon, Raymond Griffith, Fatty Arbuckle, Ford Sterling, Charlie Chaplin, Mack Swain, Mabel Normand, The Keystone Cops and Chester Conklin. Clips include A CLEVER DUMMY, TEDDY AT THE THROTTLE, A SCOUNDREL’S TOLL, TANGO TANGLES, MABEL’S MARRIED LI00FE, LOVE LOOT AND CRASH, THE WAITERS BALL and DO-RE-MI-BOOM!

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The tradition of superb visual humor continues! Featuring Billy Dooley, Snub Pollard, Stan Laurel, Harold LLoyd, Charlie Chaplin, Clyde Cook, Buster Keaton and Lige Conley. Clips include DIZZY SIGHTS, LATE LODGER, SHORT ORDERS, GET OUT AND GET UNDER, THE CHAMPION, MISFIT, BUSTER’S SKYROCKET and THE BATTLING KANGAROO.

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From housework to kids to vacations, the family situation was a great setting for tumultuous slapstick. Featuring Mark Jones, Our Gang, Big Boy, Joe Rock, Neil Burns and The Smith Family. Clips include FAMILY LIFE, EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF, SEA SCAMPS, IT’S A BEAR, MISTER WIFE and SMITH’S CANDY STORE.

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Approximate Running Time: 90 minutes