SlapHappy: Volume 5


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Here are superb comedies from the other funshops in town. Featuring Jack Cooper, Larry Semon, Charlie Chaplin, Johnny Arthur and Lige Conley. Clips include LONESOME BABIES, THE SAWMILL, OH WHAT A MAN, THE CLOUDHOPPER, THE ADVENTURER, DANGER AHEAD, OPEN HOUSE and AIR POCKETS.



Profiling The Great Stoneface. Also featuring Fatty Arbuckle. Clips include THE GOAT, NEIGHBORS, THE BUTCHER BOY, THE BALLOONATIC and THE PALEFACE.



Silent Comedy’s craziest duos and trios! Featuring Lupino Lane and Wallace Lupino, Snub Pollard and Marvin Loback, A Ton of Fun, Oliver Hardy and Bobby Ray, Fatty Arbuckle and Charlie Chaplin, and Billy Bevan and Andy Clyde. Clips include HELLO SAILOR, DEAR OL’ PAL, THREE MISSING LINKS, STICK AROUND, THICK AND THIN, THE ROUNDERS and WHISPERING WHISKERS.


Approximate Running Time: 90 minutes