SlapHappy: Volume 4


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This oddly named company was a major producer and distributor of silent comedies. Featuring Cliff Bowes, Louise Fazenda, Clyde Cook, Al St. John, Lupino Lane, Wallace Lupino, Jimmy Adams and Lloyd Hamilton. Clips include SERVED HOT, DIZZY DAISY, MISFIT, FATTY AND MABLE ADRIFT, STUPID BUT BRAVE, FANDANGO, SEA SCAMPS, MEET THE FOLKS and CAREFUL PLEASE.

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One of the most talented and versatile clowns of the era. Also featuring Charlie Chaplin, Chester Conklin, Billy West, Snub Pollard, Our Gang and Paul Parrott. Clips include BIG RED RIDING HOOD, THE CARETAKER’S DAUGHTER, DOUGH AND DYNAMITE, LOVE LOOT AND CRASH, THE CANNON BALL, PLAYMATES, BLOW ‘EM UP, DOGS OF WAR, THE FRAIDY CAT and POST NO BILLS.

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Many of the comedy greats had their beginnings on the stage. Featuring Lupino Lane, Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel, W.C. Fields, Will Rogers, Bert Williams, Harry Langdon and Buster Keaton. Clips include BE MY KING, THE RINK, DR. PYCKLE AND MR. PRIDE, SALLY OF THE SAWDUST, THE ROPIN’ FOOL, NATURAL BORN GAMBLER, SATURDAY AFTERNOON and COPS.

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Approximate Running Time: 90 minutes