SlapHappy: Volume 2


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The man who developed a sophisticated comic method alongside the madness. Featuring Charley Chase, Our Gang, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Paul Parrott, Will Rogers, Sunshine Sammy Morrison, Snub Pollard and Harold Lloyd. Clips include ASK FATHER, IT’S A GIFT, NUMBER PLEASE, EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF, DON’T PARK THERE, COLLARS AND CUFFS, PASTE AND PAPER, BE YOUR AGE and BAD BOY.

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Madcap chases that will leave you breathless! Featuring The Keystone Cops, Buster Keaton, Larry Semon, Harold Lloyd, Billy Bevan, Chester Conklin and Little Moritz. Clips include THE BATH-CHAIR MAN, WANDERING WILLIES, THE CANNONBALL, NUMBER PLEASE, CIRCUS TODAY, THE GOAT and THE SHOW.

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Good help is impossible with these clowns! Featuring A Ton of Fun, Stan Laurel, Harry Langdon, Billy Bevan, Ben Turpin, Charlie Chaplin, Sydney Chaplin, Harry Gribbon and Lloyd Hamilton. Clips include OLD TIN SIDES, KILL OR CURE, SMILE PLEASE, CIRCUS TODAY, ICE COLD COCOS, ASLEEP AT THE SWITCH, THE FLOORWALKER, A SUBMARINE PIRATE, THE HALFBACK OF NOTRE DAME and SOMEBODY’S FAULT.

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Approximate Running Time: 90 minutes