SlapHappy: Volume 10


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The early, solo comedies of the world’s greatest comedy team. Also featuring Billy West, Larry Semon, Mark Jones, Bobby Ray, James Finlayson, Charley Chase and Clyde Cook. Clips include THE BATTLE ROYAL, THE HOBO, HUSTLING FOR HEALTH, THE LUCKY DOG, THE SAWMILL, COLLARS AND CUFFS, STICK AROUND, SMITHY, MARRIED TO ORDER, BE YOUR AGE, THE SLEUTH, DR. PYCKLE AND DR. PRIDE and WANDERING PAPAS.

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From the battlefront to the homefront, knockabout humor at its finest. Featuring A Ton of Fun, Harry Langdon, Billy Bevan, Harold Lloyd, Clyde Cook, Lloyd Hamilton and Larry Semon. Clips include HEAVY PARADE, ALL NIGHT LONG, GIDDAP, NUMBER PLEASE, STARVATION BLUES, CAREFUL PLEASE and HORSESHOES.

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Memorable female comics and their inspired antics. Featuring Mabel Normand, Louise Fazenda, Dorothy DeVore, Colleen Moore, Gale Henry, Miss Fatty, Anita Garvin, Martha Sleeper and Madeline Hurlock. Clips include THE WATER NYMPH, FATTY MABEL AND THE LAW, GENTLEMEN OF NERVE, WHAT HAPPENED TO ROSA, DIZZY DAISY, HOLD YOUR BREATH, ELLA CINDERS, HIS WOODEN WEDDING, MISS FATTY’S SEASIDE LOVERS, FANDANGO, BAD BOY and CIRCUS TODAY.

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Approximate Running Time: 90 minutes