SlapHappy: Volume 1


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Showcasing breezy Charley Chase, acrobatic Lupino Lane, and sourpuss Lloyd Hamilton. Clips include PAPAS BOY, FANDANGO, INNOCENT HUSBANDS, HOOKED, THE STAR BOARDER, NOTHING MATTERS, ROAMING ROMEO, MIGHTY LIKE A MOOSE, BREEZING ALONG and BE MY KING.

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Legendary King of Comedy Mack Sennett and his ensemble of gifted comic jesters. Featuring Billy Bevan, The Keystone Cops, Mabel Normand, Ford Sterling, Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle, Harry Gribbon, Ben Turpin, Harry Langdon and Alice Day. Clips include DANGEROUS CURVES BEHIND, WALL STREET BLUES, HIS TORPEDOED LOVE, THE WATER NYMPH, A MUDDY ROMANCE, HIS TRYSTING PLACE, MISS FATTY’S SEASIDE LOVERS, FATTY AND MABEL ADRIFT, THE WAITERS BALL, THE HALFBACK OF NOTRE DAME, YUKON JAKE, HIS MARRIAGE WOW, WANDERING WILLIES, SPANKING BREEZES and ICE COLD COCOS.

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The wildest laughs and most eccentric gags from the craziest years of slapstick. Extreme merriment! Featuring Bobby Vernon, Mabel Normand, Billy Bevan, Harold Lloyd, Gaylord Lloyd, Billy Dooley, Buster Keaton, Cliff Bowes, Monty Banks, and Snub Pollard. Clips include SAPPY SERVICE, THE EXTRA GIRL, IRON NAG, BUMPING INTO BROADWAY, TROLLEY TROUBLE, EASY CURVES, DAYDREAMS, OUTBOUND, PLAY SAFE and THE MOVIES.

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Approximate Running Time: 90 minutes