In 1926, Mack Sennett debuted what was probably the best of all the family comedy series, THE SMITH FAMILY, starring Raymond McKee. The series success was due in large part to tiny Mary Ann Jackson. Mary Ann was a born comedienne at the age of three. This little scene-stealer charmed audiences the moment she stepped onto the screen. Ruth Hiatt played Mrs. Smith. Hiatt was a Sennett Bathing Beauty before her leading lady roles to Harry Langdon, Lloyd Hamilton, and Billy Bevan.

THE SMITH FAMILY proved so popular that Mack Sennett quickly filmed a number of the shorts and stockpiled them. When Mary Ann Jackson became a member of Our Gang in 1927, she found herself starring in two competing series. New Smith Family comedies continued to be released well into 1929.

Suprisingly, Mary Ann Jackson was astute enough to quit while ahead. In 1930, she told her mother she didn’t like making movies and retired from the screen.