Larry Semon is all but forgotten today, but in the early twenties, was considered a rival of Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd. One of the highest paid comedy stars, Semon specialized in pure slapstick and spectacular thrills.

During their long solo careers before teaming, Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel both worked with Larry Semon. Semon kept a careful record of all his ideas and jokes in a small, fat, leather notebook. The notebook was invaluable to him, and more or less served as a script for all his comedies. Semon was a master of fast pacing, and the high-speed chases that end many of his shorts are astounding.

An extravagant spender who paid no attention to budgets, Larry Semon drove himself into bankruptcy, a nervous breakdown and an early death in 1928.

  • Horseshoes (1923) – Episode 29 and Movie
  • The Sawmill (1922) – Episodes 13 and 28
  • Oh, What a Man (1927) – Episode 13
  • The Cloudhopper (1925) – Episodes 8 and 13
  • The Grocery Clerk (1920) – Episodes 08 and 18
  • The Show (1922) – Episode 05
  • Golf (1922) – Episodes 8 and 26
  • Frauds and Frenzies (1918) – Episode 08 and Movie