Baby faced Harry Langdon was 12 when he ran away from his Iowa home to join the circus. Later, he developed a vaudeville act entitled JOHNNYS NEW CAR. Teamed with his first wife and a brother, Langdon played a befuddled chauffeur with a breakaway limousine. Like so many performers of the era, Langdon perfected his routine and played it for years in towns throughout the country.

Langdon came to films relatively late. In 1924 Mack Sennett hired him to star in two-reel comedies. Within two years, audiences and film critics hailed the shy little clown as the World’s Greatest Comedian. Langdon stayed with Sennett four years, until his screen character of the ‘helpless innocent’ was fully developed. Then, following the pattern of other Sennett stars, he left the studio for more money and creative freedom. But Harry Langdon was a disaster as his own producer. Before the silent era was over, his career plummeted as quickly as it had soared.

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