The Al Christie Studios produced more female stars that any other comedy unit, largely due to the studio’s greater emphasis on polite, situational humor. One of Christie’s biggest stars was Dorothy Devore, a fine comedienne and leading lady.

Devore started with Christie in 1918, after years of performing in nightclubs and vaudeville. She appeared as romantic lead in a great number of short comedies, and by the early twenties was Christie’s top female star.

Devore left the studio in 1924 when offered a seven-year contract to star in features for Warner Brothers. When she later refused to co-star with famous canine Rin Tin Tin, Devore bought out her contract and returned to two-reel romantic comedies.

Unlike many comediennes before her, Dorothy Devore did not play down her beauty or femininity, and displayed a true woman’s viewpoint in silent comedy.