The most dependable and popular comic on the Al Christie comedy lot was boyish Bobby Vernon. Vernon was already a comedy star by the time he joined Christie in 1918. Mack Sennett earlier hired him to co-star with a young starlet by the name of Gloria Swanson. These romantic comedies veered from the usual Sennett slapstick and were popular with audiences.

When Swanson left Sennett for features, Vernon signed with Al Christie. Stealing a popular star from the King of Comedy was a major coup for Christie’s struggling studio, and Vernon’s steady string of light comedies kept the company profitable.

Vernon was the perfect Christie type – a light comedian with a touch of slapstick. Even at Sennett he played a more civilized style of comedy. Bobby Vernon would remain Christie’s top comedian for the next decade. In the 1930s, Vernon would have an equally successful career behind the camera as a comedy consultant at Paramount.